What are you looking for from an entertainer?


Ian Gould is available to perform at private events including holiday parties, anniversaries, weddings, funerals and company gatherings.  Not only is he available to perform at your special event but he is also equipped to provide other music to suit your occasion as well and he is able to provide microphones for your needs upon request.


Ian's performance has a "one man band" theme. Voice, guitar, harmonica, and percussion all go on at once to make a fuller, unique sound as a solo musician. You will be pleased to see a change of instruments during his shows, maybe a mandolin or ukulele will appear and the sound and vibe will change. With a bit of fun and chitchat between songs to keep the mood light, Ian Gould is the best choice for a perfect event! He is a true professional who will always be timely and will communicate with you as often as you desire.  

Ian’s song list is vast and grows continuously. If given an appropriate amount of time, he will also learn a song for your special occasion at your request.  

For more information

Please send an email to iangouldmusic@gmail.com