Celtic Cinderella


Ian and his lovely wife Elizabeth present an interactive storytelling program which includes songs and music, costumes and props, fun and games. 

The kids are going to love it!

The story of Cinderella has been told and adapted for thousands of years all over the globe. Elizabeth and Ian Gould will bring three Celtic Cinderella stories to life on stage with participation and interaction from their audience. With sword fights, tiny shoes, big boots, dances, and dragons, this is a storytelling event like no other!


Each story presentation lasts 35-45 minutes.

Stories include:

The Cinderlad, set in Kinsale, Ireland

Fair, Brown and Trembling, an Irish Cinderella Story,  set in Armagh, Northern Ireland

Rashin Coatie, set in Scotland

For more information

Please send an email to iangouldmusic@gmail.com